What Are the Different Types of Corporate Security You Can Have for Your Business

Security Service in Kolkata

In this current time, when the workforce is becoming more mobile than ever, maintaining the security of the corporate assets and the primes becomes more complicated. Those days are gone when a single security guard was considered enough for an entire building. Now, companies are looking for more reliable, efficient and functional corporate Security Service in Kolkata to keep their office as well as the workers protected.

This is the reason every single corporate house is ready to invest in the security system to ensure the safety of their staffs, assets, building and data. 

What is Corporate Security

It is a kind of security mechanism that ensures that the intellectual, network and physical security of a company at a specific building will be adequately maintained. You need experts to perform this task because of its daunting nature. There must a trained team of security professionals who have special training and can provide your staffs as well as the building with proper security as per the demand of the situation.

What Are the Types of Security You Can Expect from Them

Personal and Physical Security: This is one of the most conventional methods of corporate security. Here you can have as many manual guards as you want to secure your corporate premises. These security guards may or may not have arms; it depends on the type of place they are guarding. For example, security guards of a bank must have weapons to stop a robbery.

Security Patrols: Security patrolling is a part of this job where the security supervisors will monitor that every part of the building is under proper surveillance, and the guards are on position. They inspect if there is any irregularity in terms of maintaining the security protocol.

CCTV Surveillance: CCTV surveillance is the demand for this time. This technology helps the security team to monitor even the remote areas of your buildings sitting on a room. They can get a clear picture of every nook and corner of the building through the live recording of those cameras. When you hire a team for Security Service in Kolkatatheir experts will monitor your CCTV footages and take necessary action if they find any security threats anywhere inside your building.

Access Control: One of the most significant jobs of these security professionals is controlling the access of the visitors inside your building. Only the authorized individuals should get the entry, and this must be ensured by the guards posted on the entrance. This can control the entry of trespassers and reduce the threat. 

Why It Is Important

As the owner of a business, you cannot take a chance with the safety and security of your staffs, data and the premises as well. Hence, you need someone with proper experience, dedication and skill. These corporate security companies are capable of handling such jobs with ease.

Dadson HPS India is one such company located in Kolkata. We are here to offer you complete corporate security for your corporate house. To get more information, please call us.

What Are the Different Types of Corporate Security You Can Have for Your Business
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