Professional Security Services

Professional Security Services in Kolkata

Safety and Security Come First: The Best Security Service in Kolkata

When it comes to securing your property, family, and personal assets, you can only trust the pros. This sentiment is especially true in a densely populated city like Kolkata where security risks are aplenty. Dadson HPS, the best security guard agency in Kolkata is here to earn your trust and secure any and everything you hold dear to your heart. 

We employ a team of experienced, fit, and well-equipped security guards. These trained and experienced pros have only one thing on their minds: our clients’ safety. So, if you need long or short-term security service in Kolkata our guards are here to serve you. 

In addition to assigning manpower, we can also deliver a variety of technological solutions to boost your property’s security. From installing cutting-edge CCTV systems to setting up customized alarm systems, we do it all. Contact us, discuss your security requirements, and we will arrange customized security services for you in no time!


What Makes Us the Best Security Guard Agency in Kolkata?

We offer a wide variety of premium-grade security services. From crowd control to vehicle patrol to corporate security: we have years of experience providing all types of security services. This experience, coupled with our urge to invest heavily in the latest security technologies, makes us the best in the business. To learn more about our security services, call/message us now! 

All-Encompassing Security Service in Kolkata

Providing world-class security services is not easy. You have to pre-emptively address all possible security threats and hazards. We are the best security guard agency in Kolkata because we have years of experience doing exactly that: providing a wide variety of proactive security solutions that combine to maximize our clients’ safety and security. 

Security Guards:

We are proud to employ some of the most experienced security guards in town. Our trained security pros have decades of combined experience guarding homes, public events, and commercial spaces. Our guards undergo extensive screening and training processes. They also learn the latest security management practices before they are assigned jobs. No matter what the time, location, or situation: our security guards are always ready to provide round-the-clock security services. One phone call and we will assign as many security guards as you need within hours.

Alarm Systems:

If your property is home to expensive assets, installing a customized alarm system can give you an extra layer of security. We specialize in installing cutting-edge alarm systems with sound and motion detection capabilities. One odd movement on your property and you will be instantly alerted.

CCTV Installation:

Did you know that installing CCTV cameras can help you cut down the risk of burglaries and vandalism by up to 80%? We can drive up that figure even further by strategically installing high-quality and low-cost CCTV security cameras on your property. We will ensure that these cameras monitor the most important locations on your property at all times. Deterring burglaries and break-ins will become ten times easier after we set up customized CCTV security camera arrangements on your property!

Please Feel Free to Call Us

Ensure the health and well-being of your family with our professional sanitization services. Request a quote from Dadson HPS now

Why Choose Dadson HPS?

At Dadson HPS, we are dedicated to providing top-quality security services to all of our clients. Some reasons to choose us for your security needs include:


Our team has years of experience in the security industry, so you can trust that your home or business is in good hands.


We are committed to providing reliable protection for your home or business, 24/7.


We offer customizable security packages to meet your specific needs and budget.

Customer Satisfaction

Our company is 100% customer satisfaction backed by free service if required.


Don’t take any chances with the security of your home and business. Contact Dadson HPS today to schedule a consultation and start protecting what matters most. Our team of professionals is ready to keep you and your assets safe.

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