Can Pests Be a Threat to the Ones Suffering from Asthma?

Can Pests Be a Threat to the Ones Suffering from Asthma?

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Asthma is one of the leading chronic diseases all over the world. It is a hereditary ailment and generally passes on to the next generation. Patients of asthma are susceptible to dust, pollens and smoke, which is widely known to people but what most people overlook is the fact that house pests can trigger Asthma attacks in patients. It might even make healthy children prone to Asthma if it’s in their lineage. The demand for pest control services is on the rise, but many Indian families don't feel the need for it. This will undoubtedly make you re-consider your decision.

What kind of house pests can affect asthma patients?

The most common house pests that can be a cause of asthma attacks are cockroaches, mice and rats as well as dust mites.

  • Cockroaches feed on dirty dishes that are left on the sink overnight, in dark and dingy corners that are dirty. These creatures, which are already horrible to look at, are a cause of many health problems. They shed on all the surfaces they walk on, which can trigger severe asthma attacks.

  • Mice and rats are a common sight in most Indian houses. They infest pantries and also spread infections through the faeces they leave behind. This can cause severe asthma attacks in children as well as adults.

  • Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed on dead cells, human and animal dander as well as the nooks and corners of wooden furniture. These often go undetected because of their size, which is why most houses do not take notice of them. Asthma patients are often allergic to dust, and it can trigger the disease further.

  • How do you know that you are allergic to pests?

    Apart from the usual symptoms of asthma, these attacks can cause chest pain or tightness, difficulty in breathing. It can also create a wheezing or whistling sound when exhaling. Patients also have interruptions in sleep due to coughing and shortness of breath. Apart from asthma, these unruly house pests can be a cause of other respiratory diseases as well.

    These pests play a significant role in contributing to bad air quality. Air filters can filter some dust mites, but the others, more significant pests have to be taken care of by trusted pest control services. Getting these services done can bring about a plethora of functional changes in the overall health quotient of all inhabitants of the house.

    If you are noticing these symptoms even when you are taking the medications from time to time, it might be high time you get a complete inspection of your home by a professional. Dad Son HPS provides comprehensive pest control services to ensure a healthy environment. Ther controllers will brief you about the entire process beforehand so that you can be prepared. Many pest control services use harmful chemicals which cause more harm to health. Dad Son ensures to follow a process that will have no adverse effect on humans. Contact them to lead a better, healthy life from now on!